19 Of The Best Cleaning Hacks For Your Car

19 Of The Best Cleaning Hacks For Your Car

Now, you won’t have to waste most of your time with this chore. There are tips and tricks that some people are not telling you. Fortunately, we have gathered them for you. We have listed below the necessary tricks that you should know in cleaning the car. 

1. DIY Car Upholstery Cleaner

2. DIY Armor-All Wipes 

3. Dealing With Dust

4. Cleaning Crevices

5. Erase Stubborn Grime

6. Scrub Ground-In Dirt

7. Windshield Helper

8. Cereal Container Trash Can

9. Line Your Cup Holders

10. Keep Wipes On Hand

11. Cover The Back Seat

12. Get Organized

13. Wax Your Car

14. Remove Stickers

15. Get Rid Of Bug Splatters

16. Box It Up

17. Keep It Fresh


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