Mom Braids Unbelievably Intricate Hairstyles Every Morning Before School

Mom Braids Unbelievably Intricate Hairstyles Every Morning Before School

My name is Shelley Gifford from Melbourne, Australia and I have a beautiful little daughter named Grace.

Growing up I always loved braiding, I would take any chance I could get to braid family and friends hair

And that’s when I’ve started braiding my daughter Grace’s hair

I braid Grace’s hair most days and take the photo of the style in the morning before Grace leaves for school

I only have approx 15-20 minutes on a school morning so if it can’t be done in this time I leave it for weekend

Grace is fantastic, I’ve been styling her hair since she was a toddler so she doesn’t know any different

It’s her quiet time for TV after she is ready for school so she is more than happy to sit there

I love doing something that I’m so passionate about and that Grace gets to be a part of it

She’s sweet, affectionate and beautiful little girl. Grace is everyone’s friend

Grace’s hair is certainly noticed by a lot of people at school, dance and her other activities

Everyone’s feedback to Grace’s hair is fantastic

We’ve had people approach us in streets saying I know that girl, based solely on her having an unusual braid

I love learning new styles, advancing my skills and challenging myself to create something new and unique

I find it easy to braid and post photos of my styles daily. When you love doing something, it is easy!

Thinking of new styles is time consuming, but that’s because I always want them to be unique

Sometimes braiding seems more like art than an everyday hairstyle

Our lives are so busy with school and after school activities

That’s why I love mornings where we are all together as a family

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