Obese 9-Year-Old Girl Loses A 76lbs In A Year After Being Bullied At School

Obese 9-Year-Old Girl Loses A 76lbs In A Year After Being Bullied At School

As a child, you have hardly any worries in the world.

Breanna Bond

At age nine, Breanna Bond, the California-indigenous tipped the scales at 200pounds (14th 2pounds) according to Banner Wellness, the perfect weight for a 6ft1 male.


In the U.S a large number of children are obese and Breanna was among them. But she was able to turn that around after getting bullied in the academic school playground on her behalf larger-than-average dimension. 

In the area of 14 a few months, Breanna lost 40% of her body weight through different workouts and a balanced diet.

Parents are greatest motivators

Her parents were her greatest motivators when Breanna was investing in her exercise routine, including a four-mile walk every day. 

Breanna who is now 13 years old, looks different right after a rigorous diet dramatically.


Breanna's parent's motivation originated from the truth that they’d watched their once bubbly child become withdrawn since her weight started to become a problem in her lifestyle increasingly. 

Being struggling to climb the monkey pubs like the other kids at college was only one of the things that triggered Breanna to really feel isolated from her classmates.

Breanna's Mom Said...

Her parents decided to greatly help change their girl’s lifetime for better and made a decision to implement an eating plan. The Bond family banished their much-loved junk food and begun to introduce exercise into their daily routine. “Every stage was walked by me with her,” Breanna’s mom explains.

Hard To Believe

This decision helped change Breanna’s lifestyle. She actually is active in her school activities. She is now in the swimming team, placing within the top 8 of the Junior Olympics finals on her behalf generation in the 500-lawn freestyle. 

It is hard to believe that Breanna was a obese child once. 

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